New! “Last Saturday” Swiss Schedule and Details!

chess championships

Tournaments are the only way to measure chess performance!  If you can’t compete against strangers, with a clock and a score sheet, you’re just a legend in your own mind!  If you want to become a legend at the chess board, we’re gonna be here once a month to let you strut your stuff!!

Dates Nov 23rd, Dec 21st, and Jan 25th. US Chess Membership Required.  All games are rated.

Format: Swiss System (Quads or Round Robins possible for 5 or less players)

Entry Fee Adult $15.00, Kids $10.00,

Registration is 9 – 9:40 am 1st round at 10 am

Time Control: Game 45 with 5 second delay.  Rounds at 10 am, 11:45 pm, 2:pm, and 3:45 pm.  Trophies to 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Swiss, 1st Quads, 1st in k-5 and 1st in K-12.

Our address is 607 Wickham Street Suite 2, Richmond Va 23222.  Less than 5 minutes from down town, free parking in our lot, restaurants of all kinds within a mile.  Sets provided, bring clocks.

Send registration info to with name, address, phone, and us chess id.  Questions: call Mike C at 804-426-6058.

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