“Last Saturday” Swiss Schedule and Details

Tournaments are the only way to measure chess performance!  If you can’t compete against strangers, with a clock and a score sheet, you’re just a legend in your own mind!  If you want to become a legend at the chess board, we’re gonna be here once a month to let you strut your stuff!!

Dates Oct 27th, Nov 17th, Dec 22nd, Jan 26th, Feb 23rd, Mar 30th, April 27th, May 25th, June 22nd, and July 27th. US Chess Membership Required.  All games are rated.

Format: Swiss System (Quads or Round Robins possible for 5 or less players)

Entry Fee Adult $15.00, Kids $10.00, Club Rats $5.00!  (Club Rats are persons that have attended at least 1 club meeting each of the previous 3 weeks leading up to the tournament)

Registration is 9 – 9:40 am

Time Control: Game 45 with 5 second delay.  Rounds at 10 am, 12:30 pm, 2:15, and 4 pm. Trophies to 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Swiss, 1st and 2nd for Quad or Round Robins.

Minutes from down town, free parking in our lot, restaurants of all kinds within a mile.  Sets provided, bring clocks.

Register at waterman2010kir@aol.com with name, address, phone, and us chess id.  Questions: call Mike C at 804-426-6058.


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