RPS Chess Teams Sweeps K-12 Section at Meadowdale Spring Scholastic Chess Tournament!

On Saturday, May 20th, 51 players from across Central Virginia came together to play chess at the Meadowdale Library in Chesterfield County. 3 RPS Teams coached and sponsored The Richmond Chess Initiative were entered into the top section. Brown and Boushall Middle Schools are part of Next Up RVA. The 3rd team was from Armstrong High School where they participate in A.C.E


Our players were fighting for their lives as early as round 1. Giovonni, (right) is playing the # 1 seed and Leonardo, (left) is playing the # 2 seed! The day is going to turn out really interesting because for 8 of our 11 RPS players, this is their 1st tournament!

Individual Honors were had by Iceon of Brown 5th Place, Venniecia of Armstrong, 4th place, and Noah of Armstrong, 3rd place!

1st Place Team honors went to Brown’s team of Iceon, Najei,(sitting) Isaac, and Xavier!  2nd Place Team honors went to Armstrong’s team of Venniecia,(sitting) and Noah!  3rd Place Team went to went to Boushall’s team of Giovonni, Amari,(sitting) Xzavian, and Leonardo!

The real team picture. All team honors go out to the players, parents, coaches, Next Up RVA, A.C.E., RCI, and The Virginia Scholastic Chess Association. Changing “hobbies and interest” to “Accomplishments” one child and tournament at a time! Congratulations to all the Rated Tournament Chess Players! Enjoy your new title and continue to pursue being the complete chess personality!

Play and Learn with us on Thursdays from 6-10 pm

Thursday was a good day to come by the club.  We had 14 people pass through aged 4-54.  Ratings started at just over 500 and we even had a visit from a strong 1900 player.  We had 2 very special lessons on material and how to evaluate a position.  Everyone was very pleased.  We have space for up to 30 players in 2 large rooms.  Join the fun.  RCI has a home at Create Space.  Hopefully you will find a home with us.  Remember, we offer private lessons, group lessons, camps, lectures, simuls, coach training, refereeing, and organizing help and advice.  We are VA’s Premier Tournament Chess, Professional Development, and Entrepreneurial Training Company.

That open table is for you!


Apprentice Training is underway!

RCI Apprentice Training

RCI’s apprentice training is underway!  These young people are learning about professional behavior and entrepreneurial development on Saturdays.  It was beautiful to watch as these 11, 12, and 14 year old middleschoolers wrote out their goals list.  75% of everything they wanted to spend their earnings on was for other people to be happy.  We are proud to give them the chance to increase their earnings now and prepare for college knowing that they already have a good paying opportunity.  Persons completing the RCI Apprentice Program are automatically promoted to an Area manager when they begin college.  The increase in compensation allows them to simply do the same thing they were doing before they left.  Our goal is a seamless financial transition to university life that is intrinsically linked to community service and “no age requirement” prosperity!

Summer is coming… we hire chess players, stay at home parents, bilinguals, veterans, and foster children with no sales or marketing experience.  Teachers are welcome to apply for summer work as well.  Call Mike C at 804=426-6058.

Know a business owner that is looking for funding or credit?  $10,000 – $10,000,000 is available!  Receive a $250 finders fee for your referral!

More to come about this unique and beneficial program!


RCI is the proud owner of the Pro Funding Suite!

I am happy to report a positive end to the wild frenzy that consumed every nail biting hour of my life last week.  RCI is now the proud owner of the Pro Funding Suite.  When I put this out and asked for help, I knew that with all the free, reduced price, and volunteer work RCI has done for chess in Virginia, we were going to get a unique response.  Me, my family, and closest friends were literally shocked at the number of calls and emails we received!  I’m glad it’s all over and we can get back to the business of helping even more kids!  Thank you to everyone that took the time to reach out to me, share, and help.  The mission just got a huge refueling and is ready to reach new heights and standards of performance in Richmond and beyond!

Do you need funding to buy, sell, expand, or fix a business and have not been able to get it?  We can get you $10,000 to  $10,000,000, as long as your business is set up right!

If you know chess players looking for work, we hire chess players, musicians, stay at home parents, bilinguals, veterans, and foster kids of any age to earn adult incomes in our apprentice program.  Ask for MIke C @804-426-6058.