Shady Grove Players Choice Registration Instructions

Thank you for registering for Shady Grove’s, “Players Choice” Winter Session of Chess!    We are looking forward to sharing a fun 8-10 weeks of giving your child some of the best chess instruction available in America today.

Whether you are new or renewing, before class begins, please click on, “being a good chess parent”.  It’s the basic framework for how to get better at chess without having to play humans.

DO NOT BUY ANY BOOKS OTHER THAN THE POLGAR BOOK MENTIONED IN, ” Being a good chess parent”.  We will have books, sets, and other items for sale each week that are perfect for the skills of the people in the course.

Returning or advanced students should be working on tactics at  No videos!! Play Puzzle Rush, and solve puzzles.  Make the time control on any games you play at least G15/d10.  This will be the 1st thing we talk about in the classes!

Pick up:

Dismiss in same way as Girl Scout program without school employee assistance – All students dismissed at same time. Parents stay in cars in front loop or stay in cars until dismissed at front entrance.

Note: Rock-a-thon – Thursday, March 19th  – all students participate!  No Chess.

Beginners Registered Players:

1.)  Amy Lin 1

2.)  Ishan Shah 1

3.) Vibha Kirubaharan 1


Intermediate/Tournament Registered Players

1.) Anagha Sinkar 1

2.) Nolan Sardesai 1

3.) Brighten Sun 1

4.) James Patrick 1

5.) Evan Huang 1

6.) Andrew Niu 0

7.) Aarav Sao 1

8.) Arjun Boggavarapu 1

9.) Barathi Saravanan 1

10.) Diyaa Kirubaharan 1

11.) Anaya Athale 0

12.) Owen Curtis 1

13. Evan Ottems 0