Shady Grove, Players Choice Registration

Shady Grove Winter Chess is open for registration:
Session 2 will is going to be a reflection of the feedback we received to improve and streamline our Shady Grove Chess Experience.

Introducing, “Players Choice” !

Player’s choice is the division of the players into 2 groups. The beginner group and the intermediate group. Each group will have it’s own exercises, activities, and goals. Beginners will get special attention using our chess toys to give retention and ease of learning! Intermediate players will be exposed to longer combinations, openings, and the basics of endgame play. All participants will receive a custom study guide that can be used over and over again to deepen their understanding of the course material.
Thursdays dismissal until 4:00 pm from January 30th until April 2nd.

Registration: Please register by January 29th by emailing your registration to Coach Mike Callaham

( or 804-426-6058 and include:
1. Parent Name
2. Child name, grade, and teacher
3. Parent email
4. Parent phone number
5. Week you can attend in support of the chess program.

Equipment for both groups is the same! A 70 page notebook and a snack of some kind is strongly suggested.

Upon registration, you will receive confirmation and further instructions.

Players Choice allows players to switch to the other group with coach approval!
Thanks Coach Mike Callaham