Scholarship Chess Business Center Needs Investors!

Scholarship Chess logoBy the end of February, The Richmond Chess Initiative will become The Scholarship Chess Business Center.  We are pushing to continue our mission with tournament chess training!  Tournaments are the essential start to developing a complete chess personality!  We train and pay players of any age to be better players, certified coaches, certified referees, and organizers.  Job training.  We are teaching people of all ages how to bolster their high school applications, college applications, and resumes with national chess certifications and a work or entrepreneurial history.  Through our Pre-Scholarship Stimulus Program, we find jobs for parents and students with local businesses.  We provide training in Commercial Money, Loans, and Credit to inspire an ageless understanding of entrepreneurship.  To young people, we explain in great detail the workings of scholarships so that they understand the value inherent in their every day activities.  Our ultimate goal being to create a workforce ready candidate that can pursue any goal anywhere on the globe!

Our goals:

By Spring session 2019, all SCBC participants will have uniforms and gear that they can wear to school, work, or play, every day. (50 participants, 2 tops @, $3500.00)

By the end of the 2018/2019 school year we will have at least one but hopefully two 15 passenger vans or buses that can pick up kids for tournaments and our Summer Apprentice Program. ($7,000.00 – $15,000.00)

By summer/fall of 2019 SCBC will be ready to begin it’s national expansion into other cities across America as a franchise system! (Package creation and legal $5,000.00-$10,000.00)

By Fall of 2019 we will be conducting low cost and/or free field trips for elementary and middle school students in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Colonial Heights, and Petersburg to come to our SCBC to learn how to play chess. (10-12 kids per school, 4 -6 schools per week,  for 15 weeks in 2019/2020.  Then 8-10 schools per week for 28 weeks in 2020/2021. (Snack, training, lunch, set, study guide, transportation 1 tournament entry… Fair market value $79.00-$99.00 per child.)


SCBC will remain a For-Profit Company until annual gross revenue reaches $200,000.00-$250,000.00.  At that time a, “B” Corp will be formed to help with transparency, grants, annuities, scholarships, donations, and benefits.

SCBC offers;

The Pro Funding Suite;  A commercial money, loans, and credit service that helps businesses get money that banks can/will not!

Sunview Integrated Solutions;  An energy consumption reduction service that offers 15%-25% insurance underwritten energy savings to companies with $7500.00 or more in monthly utility costs.

Pre Scholarship Stimulus Program;  A business networking, employment, and advertising program that allows businesses to  invest their name, money, services, or employment to help Chess Families achieve a higher quality of life while they pursue the benefits of our mission!

Investors;  Any person is allowed to invest $250.00 to as much as $5,000.00 to help our mission!  Investors receive an annual return of principal and dividend each year.  The amount will be 1% of the Gross Annual Revenue not to exceed their original investment for 3 years!!!  Simply explained, the $5,000 investor could  receive as much as 3 payments of $5,000.00!!  The optimal investment for a 100% annual return is probably between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 at this time!

Donations;  We’ve never been big on donations.  To send the right message to the kids, we prefer you invest, advertise, become a customer, or refer us to a customer.

Projected Gross Annual Revenue;

2018/2019= $140,000, 2019/2020=$200,000.00, 2020/2021=$250,000.00, 2021/2022=$350,000.00.

More information is available about each service on our tabs.  Feel free to contact Mike Callaham day or night at 804-426-6058.



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