Apprenticeships, Adult Income, No Age Requirements.

Apprentice Program Overview;

RCI’s Apprentice Program is designed to give chess players of any age, and other select skill sets, the opportunity to earn household impacting incomes while in pursuit of their diverse worthwhile goals!  Apprentices will be challenged to broaden their chess character, increase community involvement, improve their GPA’s, mentor new apprentices, and accept increased responsibility.  RCI provides the leadership and scope for apprentices to accept positions that allow them to work as managers and team builders nationwide.  This is another leap forward in our mission to provide a seamless financial transition to institutions of higher learning every where in the United States.

While you may not be able to explain the solution, you can earn an impressive income by helping to identify the problem.  You go to businesses, conduct a survey, then you get paid.  If that business becomes one of our clients, you get paid again!  If you are a chess player, musician, stay at home mom/dad, bilingual, or a veteran, anywhere in the United States, $60.00 – $600.00 a day may be just a phone call away.  Call Mike Callaham at 804-426-6058 for more details and a full explanation of the compensation plan!!.