RCI Coach and Referee Positions are Available!

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RCI/SCBC represents the best central Virginia has to offer in genuine and honest tournament chess training, professional development, and entrepreneurial training!!  As a coach, your job is to introduce real chess to RCI pupils.  You are charged with making every effort to keep our pupils growing in the process of achieving a rating, a coach certification, referee certification, and them being aware of how it affects their high school application, college application, and resume!

Requirements:  You must know how to play chess.

  1. With parental consent or accompaniment, there are no minimum age requirements.
  2. Persons that have signed a, “Non-Compete” agreement are not eligible for 12 months after their last activity unless a verifiable, “Letter of Release” is presented.  No Exceptions!!
  3. Training takes about 4-6 hours.

Coaching Sessions last 60 – 90 minutes. Coaches will be compensated according to qualifications per sessions;

Coaches participating in our Apprenticeship Program are on a different scale and start at $50.00 session!!

No US Chess Membership,(USCF) $0.00

USCF Member, $20.00

Rated USCF member, $25.00

USCF Member with Coach or Director/Referee Certification, $25.00

Rated USCF with Coach or Director/Referee Certification, $30.00

Rated USCF with Coach and Director/Referee Certification, $35.00

Tournament Directors/Referees are compensated by 10% of the entries or 3-4 times the entry fee per event, whichever is greater.

After 9 months or 25 coaching sessions Coaches receive a $5.00 raise per session.

After 12 tournaments as primary or assistant receive a $5.00 raise per session.

Please send resumes to  waterman2010kir@aol.com.