Pre Scholarship Stimulus Program

Pre-Scholarship Stimulus Explanation
Our Pre-Scholarship Stimulus Program is a program designed to help Chess Families offset the expenses they endure in the pursuit of college scholarships. Support from our sponsors comes in many forms! Our sponsors give us their names, money, products, and good will, to invest, spend, barter, and do whatever we need to do to farther our mission!
How many times have we told someone the same thing over and over only to watch them act like they are hearing it for the 1st time from someone else!? As a SCBA sponsor, you get to be the person, business, or entity that validates. acknowledges, and inspires chess players with the message of their importance. When they hear that respected and successful people in their community want them to succeed and are willing to pitch in to make that happen, a lot of fear, apprehension and worry are eliminated!
We make sure our sponsors are seen everywhere we are! SCBA advertises businesses with feature stories, logo visibility on websites, print, stationary, jackets, marquis, gear, vehicles, tv commercials, shirts, radio, interviews, tournaments, coupons, word of mouth, and special events.
Our ultimate goal is to have our, players, personalities, fans, and supporters wearing our chess gear to school, work, tournaments, and every place else they go! We want everyone that comes in contact with us to know that our sponsors deserve to be the 1st place they shop for the services they offer.
Own a business and think you may want to help? You’ll be surpised to discover the kind of help we are getting. Every business can find some way to help us if they look hard enough!
Mike C