The Richmond Chess Initiative needs your help!  We can help virtually any company save money on their electric bill by significantly lowering their consumption.

  • Our goal is to save the company 15% to 30% of their total electric cost!
  • We guarantee their savings in writing!  All savings are underwritten by Lloyds of London!
  • There are $0.00 out of pocket cost for this tremendous money and energy saving transformation!
  • Look below… we’re not just talking about changing light bulbs!

2018 is going to be a great year for chess players somewhere!  Some are going to win tournaments.  Some are going to reach their rating goals.  Some are going to catch fire about leading the next generation of chess talent, enlightenment and success.  If that somewhere is going to be here, in Richmond, you must join someone that will make a difference!?  In 2018 I sincerely hope you will choose us!

Call us today with the name and number of a company that wants to support chess, get a loan, get commercial credit, or save money on their electric!  They, you, chess, and the planet will be better off!  If you don’t know what we are going to do with our cut, either we just met or you haven’t been paying attention!! LOL

Thanks in advance, Mike Callaham 804-426-6058.  Limited time offer.  Will end without notice after 31 January 2018  


Business And Household Emergency Funds Are Not The Same!

What’s the 1st thing you are supposed to do when you start a household or a business? Set up your, Emergency Fund! While running a home and a business have some similarities, their emergency funds differ greatly in content, calculation, and performance. Everyone knows that the general rule of household budgeting says that you’re supposed to have at least 3 months of emergency cash! If your household overhead is $4,000 a month, you need to have $12,000 of easy access cash that you are never going to touch unless an emergency arises. 30 day billing cycle, 30 day income cycle, easy peasy, right. If for any reason you are not paid on time, the department of labor is there to make the employer pay you.

Now the business emergency concept. You still have to pay the bills every 30 days but some billings, contracts, and invoices can take up to 90 days to pay in full. If business overhead is $20,000 a month, then the emergency fund is 3 months overhead plus the average billing/contract cycle. If it takes an average of 90 days for all payments to come in then you need 3 months overhead and 1 full billing cycle. 4 mos, 5 mos, or . That’s 6 times $20,000 or $120,000. Your business needs to have $120,000 worth of emergency credit that you will never touch unless an emergency arises!

So there it is. For your home you need emergency cash. For your business you need emergency credit! Sometimes we get distracted or forget… The goal, the rule, and the joys of home, come when you use cash and very little credit! The goals, the rules, joys and safety of business come when you use credit and very little cash. Use cash for the things you intend to keep, and credit for the things you intend to sell!!!
So far we’ve only talked about emergency money! What about growth, expansion, renovation, safety, and risk.

1.) Are you making the most of your current location? Signage, seating, inventory? Have you opened enough locations to capture all the opportunity that this and the neighboring markets can bear for the service or product you provide?
2.) If through no fault of your own, the money in your business accounts got siezed, frozen, or stolen, could you retain an attorney, run your business, and maintain your current lifestyle on revenue alone for 45 – 90 days?
3.) If something drastic happened to your consumer credit, have you made sure that it would have no affect on your business? If something drastic happened with your commercial credit, have you made sure that it would have no impact on your home?
Way too often we tend to run our business like we run our homes. RCI has the right answers to some tough questions! Creating more credit than a home could ever want and need is doable. Creating more credit than a business could ever want or need is just ridiculous! Size of the home or business doesn’t change anything!!! Emergency Funds for home and business are evidence of financial involvement and risk management! We would use credit cards for a home emergency! Why not your business? RCI can show you the interest free way to establish commercial credit? Need money now or in the future, call for a free no obligation consultation. 804-426-6058

Full Service, Full Time, 5 Days A Week in Richmond!!

Everything a growing chess personality needs.   When we think of the best growing players, we know they play and/or study 4 or 5 days a week and sometimes more.  Hundreds of books, hundreds of magazines, and a tournament coach on staff every day.  Richmond just entered the big leagues!!

Come Join us:

Every Mon – Fri 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm
5 – 600 ; Meet and greet. Share news about past or coming events.
6 – 7pm; Lesson. General lesson about an RCI principal.
7pm – 930; Free play, analysis, blitz, homework help.

Ask about frequent visitor discount memberships and our Pre – Scholarship Stimulus Program. Pork free and nut free snacks, Chevy Cakes, foods, and drinks are available. Cash only please!  Sets and clocks are provided and are for sale. RCI is available for other groups, schools, parties, private lessons, and promotional events.


RCI hires coaches, referees, surveyors, party servers, stock clerks, and financial consultants. $100 per day weekend employment opportunities are for chess players, parents, siblings, veterans, bilinguals, and fosters! Call for details!

Ask about our “Promise and Barter Advertising” Program!

Do you need Money, Loans, or Credit for your Business? We can help! Call Today!!


Hunt for future employment turns into pre scholarship stimulus plan!

.In our efforts to find future places of employment for chess players, we found business owners were very open, opinionated, and supportive.  So far we’ve got 19 part time positions to share with chess families and a growing list of services that can be used by chess families free of charge in the community!  The emphasis here is on families!  Our supporters aren’t picky about the type of scholarship you pursue.  They just want to know that your family is regularly attending club meetings!  If we fully utilize all the jobs and services we have so far, the total amount received by chess families would exceed $100,000.00.  When you figure the average chess family will get $5,000.00 per year, we have enough for 20.

The road to a scholarship is not a speedway.  It’s a mountain tour!  On the way up, there’s all types of expenses that a family must endure.  Time away from work and other family members 1 Saturday a month, memberships, training material, equipment, coaches, gas, lodging, food, entry fees, uniforms, interviews, campus tours, and paperwork.  On the way down, well, that is the easy part.  You keep playing, keep your grades up, and do as they ask.

If you want to get involved in any way, contact us today!