Become an Advertising Sponsor

You’re in good company when you decide to join our sponsoring team!!  These are not traditional sponsors because it’s not all about money!!  It’s about showing kids and parents that people believe in them when they play chess!!

For many students, this is their mantle of protection…it explains why chess means they are dynamic!!  You have the opportunity to let everyone know that you think these young people are dynamic too.  Saying it is one thing, acting upon it is another!  $250.00, $500.00… what’s it worth?  This year in the Richmond area, we’ll literally reach more than 200 elementary, middle, and high school kids with our message of, ” No Age Requirement Achievement”!!!  Across the commonwealth it will be nearly 1000!!  They’ll play chess at school, tournaments, at home, on their phones, in the car, at their computer, on holidays, with their families, and ultimately for life.  We’ll find scholarship pursuance money for them and their families so that they have more control of dictating their futures.  The question is whether it’s going to be with or without your visible, and tangible support.  We’re not asking for a donation, we want you to advertise with us and we’ll do all we can to help you make more money!!

How much would you have asked to make 1800 visits to schools, libraries, and special events over the last 7 years?  We did too and when they said no, we went anyway!!!  There’s room for you with our other sponsors, or you can take the default position of anonymity!  Anonymity is when you agree and believe in what we’re doing, but forget we asked you to invest in advertising, we did not ask for a donation!!!  $5.00 or $10.00 a week to be in front of the customers of the leading provider of any service in your area or state is a steal.  Chess is no different!  Our website has averaged 2200 visitors a year since 2015!!  Just remember, there’s always something you can do whether you’re offering money or not!!!   OLD SCHOOL WISDOM!!!  Call me today!!