How You Can Help (Time)


Most RPS have an after school program that last from 3pm until 4:30 pm.  Elementary and High School coaches are also needed.  Again to help our children be considered as sponsorship and scholarship material, the emphasis must be on building a team at the school, not just having a group of kids that know how to play chess!

Simultaneous Exhibitions :

We need strong players that are capable of beating multiple players in 1 setting so that they get an exposure to strong chess.


Any quality class on any chess subject can inspire and motivate children to look in themselves for the great chess players they can be!  We need players that can present to children and inspire them!

Field Trips:

Continued exposure to strong players can only happen if our children go to where the strong players are!  There are clubs and tournaments that have strong players that our kids can play with.  We can create a situation where the strong players will come to us, but until that happens, we must go to them.

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