Elements of Long Combinations Camp; Checks and Captures Rule, Part 3!!! Dec 30th-Jan 3rd

camp 1If you had this position, would you play Be2, or Bxh6, or Nhf5.

camp 2If you had this position, would you play 1. …b5+, Qa2+, or Qf1+.

camp 3White just played 1. Nb5?? what would you play for Black?

I’m not holding back for this camp!!  I will be sharing the same methods and techniques that allowed me to have a score of 5.5 in the 1st 6 rounds of the 2019 World Open Under 1800 section.  Even though fatigue got the best of me, I finished that tournament 5-2-2 with 8 winning positions.  You can see all 8 fully annotated games for yourself on our blog or facebook page.

Part 1 of the Checks and Captures Rule states;  “Look at every check and every capture every time, regardless of what you think, whether they can take you or not, whether it makes sense or not, to see where everyone can and can not go!”!  King Philidor Teaches Chess Videos leaked part 2 of the Checks and Captures Rule by adding, ” for kings, and queens, and rooks!!”

In this camp for the 1st time ever, in public or in private, we will be teaching part 3 of the checks and capture rule!!!  We are going to guarantee you will never play the same after this camp!!! 

It only takes a couple hours of training to know that a “w, b, w, b, w and a b, w, b, w, b are the shortest length a combination can be.  For decades I’ve watched players look in amazement when I show them that they had a rook attraction mate (4 – 6 moves), the triangulation mate (4 – 5 moves), the smothered mate (5 moves), the Bh7! sacrifice mate (5 – 7 moves), etc… Every chess player at every level is creating winning opportunities that they habitually fail to take advantage of.  This camp guarantees to put a stop to that!!!

Dates: Mon Dec 30th and Tues Dec 31st, then Thurs Jan 2nd and Friday Jan 3rd

Doors open at 8 am.  Class hours are 9 – 530.  Please pick up by 6 pm.

This is not a beginners camp!!  Participants should have been to at least 1 official or unofficial tournament as a competitor or a spectator!  Other qualifications include having a 1,000 tactics rating on Chess.com, a score of at least 17 on puzzle rush timed or survivor at chess.com.  People that have previously attended one of our courses, training, or club automatically qualify!  Sibling may attend as long as one of them meets these qualifications.  Camp for players rated 500 up to 1600 USCF.  Coaches are welcome to attend!!

Equipment:  Please bring your clock if you own one, and a 70 page notebook.  Sets provided.

Each student will receive 28 hours of combinations training, a Custom Training Guide of the material covered in the camp, 2 meals and 2 snacks a day, free entry into our Jan, Feb, and March tournaments, and a 100 point performance guarantee!


1st time students with no prior history of club, course, or our unique training methods, $399.00

All others with some history or involvement with our methods, (Includes new or current registrations.), just $299.00

Day Classes are available for Adults and US Chess rated over 1,000 on Tues, or Thurs, or Friday.  Includes the courses Custom Training Guide, meals, snacks, and 1 tournament entry!  Sorry no guarantees.  Just $149.00

Until further notice, we only have 16 slots.  They will be given on a 1st come, 1st serve basis!guaranteeGuarantee:

We are so confident that Part 3 of the Checks and Capture Rule will change the way you play forever that we offer this unique guarantee!!  We guarantee that every student that follows the methods taught in Part 3 of the Checks and Captures rule will see a US Chess ratings increase of at least 100 points in their next 10 tournament games!!!  If they are using the method and do not,(must provide score sheets), we will provide a month of free private weekly coaching until they have averaged 10 points per game from the time they left the course! 

Register at waterman2010kir@aol.com or call 804-426-6058.  You will be given instructions on how to prepare and how to make payment!


Coach MIke C