600 Points in 24 games or your money back!!

What is the only internationally accepted way to measure coaching success?  That’s right… tournaments!  It’s amazing to see how many private teachers and companies who’s students never come to a tournament!!  How do I know?  For 6 years, RCI has been conducting post game interviews and analysis at chess tournaments!  We’ve worked with players from the Eastern Shore to Roanoke and Emporia to Northern Va.  Our youngest student was 4, our oldest 64!  RCI was selected twice by Chess.com to provide postgame analysis at their booth at the VA Scholastic Championships! How beginners think at tournaments and away from tournaments is a surprise that no one can prepare you for and you will never imagine!!!  Notation, the clock, playing up, playing down, fatigue, family expectations, friends, peers, and standings all come into and go out of importance depending on age and style as well. Some people could care less, others cry and tantrum.  We have worked with and talked to every kind of chess player right after their games.

Our training paradigm is simple, we took all of that information, tested our theories on how all of the misery could be avoided and now RCI can guarantee to take any player and coach them to a 600 point gain in just 24 games.  We believe that we have the information, regimens, ideology, and support to take any player to 1200 in just 24 games if they are within 600 points.  If we can’t, we’ll refund you that percentage of the fee you paid or our services are free until the 600 points are reached*. (Must complete homework assignments on time and play 24 tournament games in 6 months.)

It’s easy, let’s say you paid $24 for lessons and after 24 games, you have only gained 400 points.  Your refund would be $8 or free training until the 600 points are reached you decide!  Translation, what ever % our results are off, that’s the % of the fee you are refunded!!!!  We offer guaranteed training plans up to 1600!!  If we don’t get you where you want to go, you get your money back or the lessons are free.  Don’t expect a refund. LOL Saket Sambaraju started with us in August.  He’d played 10 games for a rating of 107.  After 25 games with RCI training, his rating on 10/29 is 891!!!  That’s an increase of 784 points.

How much do you think you could learn if you did hundreds of post game interviews with tournament players.  How much time money and aggravation could you save?  You start today and we’ll see you in 5 or 6 years or you can call RCI for the fastest custom chess learning available.

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scholastic 2014

If you want to get good fast and at your own pace, call RCI today.  We guarantee results or give you your money back*.



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