Chess Camps For The Tournament Player!

This years Spring/Summer Camp campaign is being designed around trying to help your child improve faster, which will save you time and money by requiring less events to meet scholarship requirements. What makes our camps unique!?  No cookie cutter design that’s the same all across the country.  The same coach and trainer who is looking at our kids games for 6 years is the person creating the camp material.  Your camp material is not designed to be used only at the camp!  The format it is in allows the person attending the camp to learn something new every time they review the camp guide properly!  Chess is as exhausting as a serious exam or physical sport.  We provide breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack each day to keep our attendees energized enough to learn.  No pork. No nuts.



Aug 14-18  815am until 500pm

Fearless Tournament Openings
This camp is for serious players that want to learn how to scare and dominate higher rated  opponents!  In a tournament game, the younger and lower rated players have a tremendous advantage.  They have everything to loose and must play accurately.  You will be taught how to get positions that offer you no chance of loosing and every chance that your opponent will make errors.  This course is designed for players that feel they need 300, 400, 500, even 600 points over their next 8-12 tournaments.  We will identify your style, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  From here the mechanics of true opening preparation will begin.  Memorizing opening moves is not opening preparation and it’s the slowest way to learn a system.  When we share with you the secrets we’ve learned from following world champion and grandmaster advice, you’ll learn 2 or 3 openings easier and faster than other people are learning just 1!  If you want to really understand what opening preparation is all about, this camp is a must!   The total cost for this camp is just $295.00

Please register early.  We also have a family discount plan.  If you have questions, please contact Mike Callaham @804-426-6058 or  Camps will be held at 607 Wickham Streeet, Richmond!