US Chess Club on has a new Admin!

us chess admin

Hi Michael! Thank you for your interest in being further involved with the USChess Club. We selected you with five other members to promote to admins and announced new admins in the club.

Our initial admins are Martin Stahl and staff member @SamCopeland. Sam will be best able to help with administrative questions that may come up.

We selected admins based on their experience and record of being an outstanding member of USChess and who would represent USChess in an excellent light. We know that everyone’s availability will vary and are simply looking for admins to assist when they are able with questions that club members may have and moderation of comments that may not be appropriate to the club.

Thanks enormously for what you do for chess in the US. We all benefit from the efforts of people such as yourself.

Jan 18, 2020, 9:28 AM
Hello everyone, we are excited to announce new admins for the club. We had over 60 outstanding applicants who expressed interest in assisting with the club and member questions. We selected five experienced USChess members to promote to admin status.”

This is suitable for framing.  I am so honored and excited to be selected as one of the 1st 5 US Chess Club Admins!  Let Scholarship Chess Business Center help you too!


If you love chess, you’ll love this!!



money falling out of the sky

My name is Mike Callaham. The name of our US Chess Affiliate is, “Scholarship Chess Business Center”. Formerly the Richmond Chess Initiative. We help chess players of all ages earn scholarship, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. In the last 8 years we’ve made over 1800 visits to schools, libraries, and special events within the Richmond city limits.

We are looking for people who love chess to help us coach, increase awareness, and fund raise. If you really love chess and like what you see, we have permanent part time positions available!! How great would that be? Just imagine being able to earn $300.00, $400.00, $500.00, or $600.00 a week because you fell in love with a chessboard! It’s possible and I’ll show you how!

chess money
Please copy and paste the questionnaire with your reply.

1.) How did you learn to play chess?
2.) Are you or have you been a member of US Chess?
3.) What is your OTB or online blitz, regular, or tactics ratings?
4.) Do you have private, group, club, or camp coaching experience?
5.) Have you ever been a TD?
6.) Do you have a copy of, “The Rules Of Chess”?
7.) Are you available one evening a week from 6-9 pm, or 1 Saturday a month from 9 am-4 pm?
8.) Can you read and record chess games?
9.) How good are you on the phone as an organizer?
10.) How soon can you start?
11.) Other than money, what has been stopping you from doing more chess?
12.) In the last 5 years, have you played in any tournaments?
13.) What is your greatest chess accomplishment?
14.) Do you have a chess set and a clock?
15) What skill, talent, or character trait do you possess that you are sure will make you a great chess personality?


There are no right or wrong answers, I’m just trying to get to know you!! Just answer the questions as best you can, copy and paste them into an email with your name and phone number and I will call you the same or next day and explain everything!

pieces dancing

If you are a veteran, stay home parent, retired looking for a purpose, or young and looking for a career, the major and most qualification is that you love chess. After that, my goal is to help you reach your goals!
Coach Mike C.

Free Chess Sets

Free Chess Sets for Title I Schools


In partnership with US Chess Federation Sales, US Chess seeks eligible Title I schools that need equipment for their school-based chess programs. Programs that teach chess as part of their school day or are run as an afterschool enrichment activity are eligible to apply. Accepted schools will receive:

  • 5 vinyl chess boards
  • 5 sets of pieces
  • 1 demonstration board for use in instruction

To apply for a chess program starter kit, please apply online through this link:

US Chess Executive Director Carol Meyer explains, “US Chess is delighted to partner with US Chess Federation Sales to promote chess among school children who are the most at-risk. This new program meets two US Chess goals: increase the use of chess in education and use chess to increase opportunities for under-represented segments of society. This partnership helps us meet our mission to empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess.”

As part of the application, you will be asked to provide documentation supporting your school’s eligibility for the donated chess equipment. US Chess staff will confirm eligibility and notify you of your school’s acceptance into the program. Once approved, US Chess Federation Sales will send you your program’s equipment at no charge to you. Up to 200 schools will be selected during the 2019-2020 academic year.

US Chess Federation Sales is the exclusive donor for this program. To purchase additional chess sets and other equipment, you can visit Shawn Sullivan is the Director of US Chess Federation Sales and says, “US Chess Federation Sales firmly believes in the power of chess to change lives, especially for school-aged children, but the reality is that there are schools across the United States that simply cannot afford to offer chess. This now changes with the introduction of the US Chess Education Program. We are helping lower the financial barrier for low-income schools to show that chess is for everybody! Our company is proud to partner with US Chess to provide chess equipment at absolutely no cost and I, personally, am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the game of chess in such a meaningful way.”

If your students would like to play tournament chess and become rated players, please contact US Chess membership to learn about our group membership program for students. Memberships are as low as $9 per year per student. Call 931-787-1234 or 800-903-8723 and select Option 4 for membership information.

As part of this program, we would like to hear from you. We encourage your students to tell us what they like about playing chess and ask that you share any pictures you might have. Participation in this program allows US Chess and US Chess Federation Sales to share your pictures and stories with others in our print and online media. Please send your stories and photos to

Getting Started: Chess Resources

Chess Life Kids is the US Chess award-winning magazine that offers young players (12 and under) tips on improving their game while featuring stories about other chess-loving kids from across the country. Chess Life Kids comes with US Chess scholastic memberships in either print or digital formats. Subscribe today with a student membership by calling 800-903-8723 and selecting Option 4 or visiting the US Chess membership store online at makes it easy for any teacher or adult to run a chess program! Whether after school or during the school day, the ChessKid Classroom Lesson Planner guides teachers and students through the most important 30 lessons that every beginner chess player needs to learn. Everything is in the planner, from videos and lessons to worksheets and games to play with the pieces. The planner also aligns each lesson with specific math concepts!