How You Can Help (Money)

Chess is cheap but it’s not free. Money is needed for sets, coaches, uniforms, transportation, classes, simuls, entry fees, USCF memberships, club space, tournament space, trophies, awards, prizes, and scholarships.

To run a chess program at 1 school from October through the State Championships, (roughly 22 weeks) cost around $5000 for a group of up to 10 kids!  That’s less expensive per season than any other scholarship worthy activity.  A qualified coach preparing and delivering a 90 minute  lesson per week, accompanying the team on 1 field trips per month and 1 tournament per month would be entitled to $2500!

It will require 6-8 teams participating in the state championships to gain the attention of corporate and university sponsors!  We hope that  Companies and Universities will see the untapped potential of our children earlier than that and begin to help us financially but in fairness to them, we have to show them how they will get a return on their investment!  While we grow to that point we are entirely dependent upon you!  If you have any access to the  resources that a growing community based organization like ours needs, we need you to do what you can do to help!

We would love to put you on our website as a private, corporate or university sponsor.  Go to our home page and use the donate button.  It will take you directly to the Richmond Chess Initiative’s Pay Pal account. Any amount you can do to help will be appreciated and put to chess use!  You can sponsor anything you want… sets, clocks, t-shirts, jackets, caps, USCF memberships, a school, a class, a simul, even a tournament.  We’ll make sure people never forget you wanted to help our Richmond kids, near the bus line, earn scholarships!

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