O’Toole’s Bar and Grill

o'tooles 3

Adults eat 1/2 price with RCI Coupon. Thanks O’toole’s

For more than 50 years, O’Toole’s has been a Richmond landmark!  I met Mr O’Toole’s while he was providing a meal for special needs kids at a church.  He too is active in the community and always trying his best to be of help.  When we explained what RCI is doing, he rolled out the red carpet allowing 2 adults to dine for the price of 1!  O’Toole’s also has a strong kids menu. Taking your spouse and kids means one of you is eating for free.  Take a friend to lunch or dinner for free.  However you want to look at it, It’s available to chess families and supporters!  Contact us if you’d like a coupon!

O’Toole’s is located on Forrest Hill Avenue just past Boulevard!