EARN $1500.00 PER WEEK!

RCI is a tournament chess, professional development, and entrepreneurial training company.  Offering an exceptional employment opportunity is an inevitable part of our evolution!  If you play chess, we can teach you how to do anything!!

RCI is now the proud owner of a Monitronics Home Security Dealership.  There are 3 big players in the home security industry.  There’s ADT, Brinks, and then Monitronics.

We are a promotional services company.  Our job is to increase the presence of the company in neighborhoods by giving away free home security systems!  By doing this, when other people want a system, all they have to do is get the number off of a sign to know who to call.  Of  course, the system must be monitored and it’s from the monitoring that we are paid!

We give away a state of the art system that has a touch screen control panel instead of the pushbutton system that the others give away.  We give them an opportunity to get additional free equipment that other companies charge for!

Our normal work day is from 9:15 – 2:00 for part time and full time teams, Mon-Fri.  Evening hours are 4pm – 7:30 pm Mon-Thurs.  Evening hours are encouraged but not mandatory!  You are required to work 1 Saturday a month!  Saturday is 9:15 – 3pm.

Promotions are earned by systems given away, chess certifications and coaching at a school or library.

Must be 18 years of age and pass a background check .  Sales, Telemarketing,  Customer Service, Community Service, and Chess experience will be 1st considered.  Paid training for Full Time up to $400.00 per week.*  Part Time up to $200.00 per week.*  Not in Richmond, ask about details for your city!  For full details, contact Mike Callaham at 804-426-6058


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