Chess is cheap, not free. A picture is worth a…

If I’m to be happy, if we are to reach our goals, chess must expand every day, month and year.  To do that we need money!?  Donations are great, I wish they would be enough, but they haven’t been and they won’t.  We need personnel, I wish we had volunteers, but there haven’t been and won’t be enough of those either.  We give away security systems and are paid a portion of the monitoring.  If you refer someone to us you get $100 for your effort.  This isn’t about the money!!  When you get a system from us, you have my personal guaranteed that no one has ever got a better system for free.  Prove you have and I’ll make that our standard offer and pay you $100.

This is our, ” 20 Point Over Quota Sale” Your main control box is included.  Now take the rest and make your free system.  When you reach 20 points, you’re done.  All you pay for is monitoring!!

Doors 1, doorbells 1, lamp modules 1, keyfobs 1, medical pendants 1, motions sensor 2, smoke detector 2, glass break detectors, 2nd control pad 4, thermostat control 4, indoor fixed camera 4, pivot camera 5, recorder 6.  Free installation through 8/31/16.  All systems are wireless and include offsite control capabilities.  Businesses welcome.  Call today 804-426-6058

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This is what we do with the money!

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Do something meaningful as soon as you can!


Mike C



A Call To Action

RCI’s on going mission is to increase the number of scholarships, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurial opportunities available to chess players of all ages in the City of Richmond.
Michael Callaham, (Founder/CEO) has a 30 yr. history of youth chess involvement.   When it was discovered that there are no age requirements to be a Nationally Certified Coach, Referee, or Organizer, we began to explore how families could use chess as a growth and income opportunity.

Special attention was given to ensuring that the chess programs meet international standards, that they are free to Richmond Public School Students/Families, and that every event is at or near a bus stop!

Since 2011, RCI has sponsored more than 900 coaching, tournament and special event appearances with in the Richmond City Limits!  RCI established the Richmond Middle School Chess League.  In an unprecedented cooperative effort with The Virginia Scholastic Chess Association, (Secretary) The Virginia Chess Federation, (Board Member and State Scholastic Director) The Richmond Public Library, (Friend) and Richmond Public Schools, (Community Partner/Parent) RCI organized, sponsors, and manages the Richmond Metropolitan Grand Prix Chess training and tournament circuit.  (400 free trainings and 12 tournaments annually).  Since 2011, only RCI coached students have represented RPS at the Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships.

You want to see something positive in the community, this is it!  We all know the city has no money.  Through our partnership with Monitronics, we are allowed to give away 2 and 3 times the free equipment offered by ADT and Brinks and Monitronics gives us a portion of the monitoring!

Get on board!  Thank someone from one of the agencies involved, tell someone about us, come play chess, come work with us, come coach, get a security system from us, or make a donation.
Sincerely doing my best for kids through chess, Michael A Callaham Founder/CEO RCI

Let’s define, “Experience” when it comes to chess!

I think about chess all the time. Who knew right?!  As a teacher, how can I help players understand the chess learning, becoming, experience process?  Amidst all the garbage they hear, read, and download, how do I help them discover the real shortcuts to chess success?  If any of these statements don’t immediately make you snicker, you are going to get good at chess as slowly as everyone else. “I can get all the experience I need from playing, I don’t need to study.” “You’re going to have to lose a lot of games along the way?” “If you keep playing you’ll get better.” ” I want my child playing people their own age” ” The open section is going to be too hard for them.” “Writing my game down is too distracting and time consuming” “If my opponent doesn’t play the moves I studied then it’s a waste of time.”

It’s a shame that todays players, coaches, and parents are not taking advantage of the sage advice that Grandamasters have been giving for almost a century. When you ask a stronger player a question, they give you a task that will reveal the answer you seek. When you begin to seriously analyze your own games, you will start getting answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of… all the time!! When something that you’ve done causes you to know the answers to things that haven’t happened to you yet, that is a benefit of experience. There’s no such thing as the benefit of imagination causing you to know something?!

Everything is chess! A quote from Peyton Manning may help bring the point home. Peyton Manning is talking about how he learns and gets ready for football games by watching tapes of games. I quote, “When you can control the rewind button, you can go in there and you watch—first, you better watch your mechanics. Watch what you’re doing. Is your drop good? How’s your throw? OK, now rewind it again. Now you better watch your receivers. OK, looks like Demaryius Thomas ran a good route here. Not sure what Julius Thomas was doing here. Then you better rewind it again and watch what the defense is doing. So, there’s time in that deal. You have to know what they were doing so you can help them. So that has helped me. When I go in and watch it with the coach, I’m watching it for the third, fourth, fifth time. That’s when you start learning”

When did Peyton Manning get meaningful experience? While he was playing the game, when he watched the game by himself, when he watched the game with the coach?

How many times do you rewind and check your games after you play them? Do you get stronger or maybe just a different player to go over your games and analysis? If you aren’t looking at your games or someone else’s in the openings that you play, are you really learning anything from what you play? Do you know where all of your games are? When was the last time you looked at your games. In chess, there are tapes for everything you want to get experience with. The most important tapes you’ll ever watch have you in them.



I’ve got a new mission for you.  We’re making chess the most accessible scholarship and employment venue in the Richmond.  As a veteran, you already have 90% of what this mission requires!  You understand paperwork, promptness, and courtesy.  You actually need to know more about what we are doing for the kids than you need to know about alarm systems!  If you can walk and talk, I can show you how to earn $40,000 a year working 30 hrs a week.  Together we will do something meaningful and profitable at the same time!!  Want to help the community as a volunteer, we need you!  Want to earn a little cash as a chess instructor, we need you!  Want to earn a full time income with part time hours, we need you!  Want to impact your community by leading by example, we have that to.  Please reach out to me!  Mike Callaham, Air Force Vet.(Don’t hold that against me! LOL) 804-426-6058!  The closest thing to active duty you’ll ever find!!