Don’t let coaches or camps be high cost baby sitting!

What would you think if you’d paid $10, $20, or even $30. per hour for chess coaching or a camp and when you decide to sit in to watch you see inexperienced players playing each other with no clocks, no score sheets, and with no intentions of  reviewing the games?

Chess coaching and camps are designed to improve the quality of a players performance.  It won’t happen in the same day, it won’t happen in the same week, and sometimes will takes weeks or months to grow in to a consistency!  As a matter of fact, most of the permanent improvements take place after the coaching, camp, or instruction.  That’s because if the new material is really of any value, it should be virtually impossible to master the material after just 1 exposure!!  After being coached, or going to a camp, if you don’t have to review anything, you weren’t taught, you’ve just had a real expensive refresher course!

I’ve interviewed players during post mortems at tournaments for 6 yrs.  I can’t tell you the number of players that have coaches and/or have attended multiple camps that can’t remember how to record a game, that can’t see 2.5 moves ahead, that don’t know the rules of castling, that don’t know, ” Capturing En Passant”, that don’t know draw rules, that have never had chess homework, and that have never communicated with their camp instructor again, has been truly shocking!  After spending all that money, half of the games I look at resemble the kind of game you’d expect  at a school, a club, a park, a family gathering, or a daycare, not a post coach, or a post camp tournament performance!

RCI is doing full private and public camps this year!  We’re going to have a good time, but it’s going to be while we’re learning how to win, not how to play!  Contact Mike at 804-426-5058 for details and pricing!

Apprentice Deadline Is Feb 28th

Apprentice Program Overview;

RCI’s Apprentice Program is designed to give chess players of any age, and other select skill sets, the opportunity to earn household impacting incomes while in pursuit of their diverse worthwhile goals!  Apprentices will be challenged to broaden their chess character, increase community involvement, improve their GPA’s, mentor new apprentices, and accept increased responsibility.  RCI provides the leadership and scope for apprentices to accept positions that allow them to work as managers and team builders nationwide.  This is another leap forward in our mission to provide a seamless financial transition to institutions of higher learning every where in the United States.

While you may not be able to explain the solution, you can earn an impressive income by helping to identify the problem.  You go to businesses, conduct a survey, then you get paid.  If that business becomes one of our clients, you get paid again!  If you are a chess player, musician, stay at home mom/dad, bilingual, or a veteran, anywhere in the United States, $60.00 – $600.00 a day may be just a phone call away.  Call Mike Callaham at 804-426-6058 for more details and a full explanation of the compensation plan!!.

We are looking for coaches for after school.  Terms are negotiable.  Visit our coaching page for details.


Chess is like truth.  Once you discover it, you want more.  Chess truth is not found in front of a computer database.  You can find the facts in a database but can you find the truth?  In chess, truth is needs to be explained.  Thinking you know the truth just by looking at the facts only works when you have all the facts.  If you had all the facts, there would never be another novelty!!  Truth in any field only comes to those that exercise discipline, patience, imagination, and resolve.  I’m going to give you the ultimate key to chess truth.  The yellow brick road of chess mastery begins and ends with a book, a set, a notebook, and finally your computer.  At RCI, 2017 is the year of the book!  the 2 I’m publishing, and the one’s I’m reading!  Read 1 chess book cover to cover, going over every line on a real chess board and you will have accomplished something only 5% of chess players have ever done.  Do surveys of strong players.  Every player that has ever read a substantial chess book cover to cover is over 1800!!  Once this activity becomes a memory instead of an imagining, you will know what I’m talking about.  If you never do, you never will!!  Please comment with your, having read a chess book cover to cover, experience!!